Identification colors for naval technique VG 85009

Marking off pipes is essential to ensure safety on board of a vessel.


The main colors shall be applied to the pipeline as an adhesive tape or sign, painted on to the pipeline in transverse stripes and painted on to the pipeline on the total length The markings shall be so positioned that the color stripes (tapes) are in a direction perpendicular to the axis of the pipe.

Pipelines shall be marked at least once in each room at each penetration point in bulkheads, walls and decks and close to each valve within a distance of 3 m to 5 m of the length of the pipeline, whereby the local conditions may require a more frequent marking due to pipe bends or the close proximity of pipes for different services.

Paints and adhesives of self-adhesive identification labels or colored tapes shall neither attack nor damage the surface of the pipe components that are to be marked.

The tapes comprise the entire circumference of the pipes and are adhered at their ends by overtaping.

Pipes in bundles shall be individually marked. If the marking is not possible over the entire circumference, an abbreviation of the marking is admissible. A common marking of several pipes with the same content or function is only admissible on collars.

Additional color markings may be added adjacent to a main color marking on a pipe, when necessary, to distinguish between pipes marked with the same main color listed, but carrying different types of medium. (For example, a pipe carrying diesel fuel oil and a pipe carrying heavy fuel oil.) The area (or width) of additional colors shall be less than the area (or width) of main colors so that it is clearly apparent what are the main colors and what are additional colors. Supplementary indications arrows to indicate the direction of flow in a pipe are recommended. Pipes with flow in opposite directions at different times may be marked with arrows pointing in opposite directions.


  • Dimension: 1 roll = 50 m
  • Material: Basic foil + laminate
  • Pressure: Screen printing
  • Colors: after RAL / Pantone
  • Temperature: -40°C to +125°C

Delivery time: 3 weeks after receipt of order

Schema VG 85009

Schema VG 85009

Color identification

Identification colors